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Legal Advisory for Individual Clients

Galinski & Kleina Law Firm provides complex legal advisory for Individual Clients. Management of our Clients cases is straightforward, with full engagement. We are complying with terms, informing our Clients up to date about effects of our actions. We base on partnership with Clients, proficient communication and efficient cooperation to achieve the best goals for Clients.

Our service offers:

Tax cases

We have extensive experience in tax law, and therefore, we offer specialized assistance during the audit, tax investigations and checks. We think that in the event of a dispute with the tax office lawyer’s support is the most effective while it is delivered since the very beginning so that we are able to plan ahead and determine what are the chances of a positive outcome of the proceedings.

Client, after presenting us problem and necessary documents, in every case gets reliable analysis of the situation with appraisal of facts and chances to get decision in favor of his interest.

Clients, who are planning to dispose their personal assets (for example contract for the sale of goods, contract of donation, sale of building plot, contract for life rent, transfer of estate, distribution of the testator’s estate or renouncement of a succession) we recommend consultations connected with tax results of their actions. In such cases, we advise clients in choosing the best solution.

Representation in public administration

We represent clients before state administration and local government, among others, in matters of construction law, land use planning, cooperative environment. We prepare letters, appeal and complaints to the administrative courts. We prepare opinions and information in the field of administrative law.


Galiński & Kleina Law Firm provides complex legal advisory during civil proceedings. We advise clients in choosing the optimal legal solutions that will guarantee full realization of their will in case of death. We represent clients in the course of litigation related to inheritance law.

Family Law

Cases in range of family law need special approach from lawyers. We are aware of it and provide legal advisory for Clients during cases of: divorces, separations, determine the existence or non-existence of marriage and annulations of marriages. We advice in cases about partition of joint property (in jurisdiction proceedings and also inter nuptial settlement). The Law Firm has experience in cases related to parental authority, originate of a child, incapacitation and guardianship.

Building regulations

Galiński & Kleina Law Firm handles cases related to real estate market. In this regard, we advise in civil and administrative matters. On behalf of clients we verify legal status of the properties, as well as we do prepare the statement in the course of administrative proceedings related to the investment. Our services include opinions on agreements with developers, as well as the contract of sale, rental and leasing of real estate.

Labour Law

We offer labor law consultancy and legal assistance in drafting agreements and internal documents, covenants and arrangements; labor law audits, representation before courts. We offer:

  • preparation of agreements with employees and managers’ contracts (employment contracts, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements, property entrusting agreements etc.),
  • preparation and updates of employers’ internal documents (such as work bylaws, remuneration rules),
  • legal consultancy related to information duties towards employees and trade unions,
  • drafting, issuing opinions and negotiating social agreements and collective agreements,
  • conducting audits related to labor law regulations (examining the observance of labor law by audited entities, defining legal and work-related obligations of audited entities),
  • consultancy related to taking over employees as a result of capital transformations of employers,
  • legal assistance related to dismissals for reasons concerning employers (group lay-offs etc),
  • representation before courts in employees-related matters,
  • consultancy related to employing Poles abroad (delegating and insuring employees with special emphasis on the Community law) and foreigners in Poland.

Cases for compensation

We represent clients in matters of compensation. The scope of cases conducted by us includes the representation of clients in cases of payment of compensation for traffic accidents, medical malpractice, random accidents or accidents at work. Assistance offered by us includes all stages of the proceedings, from the support in the preparation of relevant documentation, damage report to the appropriate entity to the payment of a settlement or on the basis of a judicial decision.