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Legal Advisory – Business Clients

Day to day legal advisory for entrepreneurs

Clients conducting business in Poland expect from lawyers knowledge of the realities of business and the ability to react quickly to changing circumstances and new conditions. Galinski & Kleina Law Firm has extensive experience in providing legal advice to entrepreneurs. Comprehensive legal services provided by our company includes advice on every aspect of doing business.

Galiński & Kleina Law Firm provides the following services:

  • legal advice for entrepreneurs in the current issues;
  • drafting and reviewing commercial contracts,
  • representing clients in courts and administrative authorities, enforcement authority and public administrations,
  • participation as a legal advisors to the project teams appointed by the Client for the implementation of major projects,
  • preparation of legal opinions and analyzes, identification of areas of legal risk and presentation of methods of its limitations,
  • registration companies in the National Court Register,
  • representing and advising Clients in negotiations with contractors,
  • conduct of the process of debt collections.

Company Law

We have extensive experience in commercial law, corporate law, in particular, focused on the planning, organization, transforming and restructuring of commercial companies. Our solutions are tailored to the needs and expectations of the Client. With years of experience we are able to prepare for the Client legal structures that will be suitable for the business conducted by him, as well as will include plans for the future (i.e. “The company made to measure”). We provide ongoing legal services for companies at every stage of their operations, from creation, through amendments to the agreement, transformation, M&A to the liquidation. We provide legal advisory services for companies and its shareholders in the field of corporate disputes.

Galiński & Kleina Law Firm provides the following services:

  • establishment of commercial company,
  • day to day services for companies in the field of corporate law (including meetings of the bodies of commercial companies, amendments to the company’s articles of associations , drafting of contracts, statutes, reporting changes in the register of entrepreneurs in the National Court Register),
  • comprehensive organization of general meetings of shareholders, including chairing,
  • drafting and negotiating contracts between partners,
  • resolution of disputes between partners/shareholders,
  • investment agreements and joint ventures,
  • legal services during restructuring processes, for example: mergers, divisions of companies and the transformation of companies,
  • analysis of the legal status of companies (due diligence),
  • consulting agreements for managers of companies,
  • advice on the selection and creation of individual company management model (adjusting the remits of the company to the expectations of the Client),
  • advice on setting up best practices for the management and supervisory boards of limited liability companies,
  • liquidation of the companies

Contract Law

We are aware that properly prepared contract plays a crucial role for every business activity Therefore, drawing up a contract, we always try to fully understand our Client’s goals, so that the document prepared by us will be a consistent basis for cooperation with the Client’s counterparty and simultaneously allows to achieve his business goals.

Our legal practice includes representation of the Clients in the course of judicial and administrative proceedings in all instances. While it is beneficial for the Client, we try to solve the problem on the pre-trial stage.

Galinski & Kleina Law Firm provides the following services:

  • preparation and negotiation of contracts common in business transactions related to the current economic activity (such as a contract for the sale, supply, loans, credit, commission, leasing, shipping, transportation, rent, lease, employment, company and others);
  • construction of standard contracts used by entrepreneurs, including patterns of functioning in consumer transactions;
  • construction contracts associated with the investment, in particular in areas like construction industry, real estate, trade of intellectual property and know-how, investment process;
  • legal advice when selecting and ensuring the security of transactions as well as the implementation of claims arising out of contracts;
  • advisory and representation of the Client on pre-trial stage, during mediation, negotiation or arbitration proceedings;
  • representation before courts of all instances and Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court, public administration and local governments, among others, in matters of: civil law, company law, commercial and business law, bankruptcy law, real estate law in the area including the recovery of the real estate expropriated by the Treasury, real estate law as regards relations with tenants proceedings conducted for residential communities, insurance law to assert claims against insurance companies.

Labor Law

Galinski & Kleina Law Firm leads the current services for companies in the field of labor law. We advise in particular during the proceedings of the transfer of undertakings, collective redundancies and restructuring wages.

We help in creating internal labor regulations such as work regulations, remuneration and the social fund.

We represent both employers and employees in labor litigations. We help developing relations with trade unions and employee councils so that they comply with the law, but at the same time allow the employer to exercise its powers against both of these organizations and their members.

We also provide support in the areas of social security, in particular, represent our Clients in the course of inspections carried out by the Social Insurance Institution, as well as prepare the remedies of administrative decisions.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

Galinski & Kleina Law Firm provides legal consultancy services in the field of copyright and intellectual property. We have practical experience in providing legal advice to companies engaged in economic activities based on the use of copyright and intellectual property in particular in the development and distribution of computer software and design & implementation of computer systems supporting CRM. In cases with a high degree of complexity, for the management of processes for the trade marks, inventions, utility models, industrial designs or patents, we constantly cooperate with a reputable patent attorney office.

Galinski & Kleina Law Firm provides the following services connected with preparation and negotiation of contracts:

  • license, transfer of copyright,
  • agency, franchise and outsourcing,
  • merchansing and sponsorship,
  • marketing,
  • market – related IT and ICT.
  • legal advice in the implementation of information systems, contracts with employees and colleagues, the development of regulations using a computer workstations;
  • preparation of documents related to the registration of industrial property rights; preparation of applications for registration of trademarks, inventions, utility models, industrial designs and patents; representation before the Patent Office and before the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market in Alicante (OHIM);
  • preparation of opinions and agreements in the field of intellectual property rights;
  • preparation of regulations and other internal documents related to intellectual property rights;
  • commercialization of intellectual property rights.

Public Procurement Law

Galinski & Kleina Law Firm has experience in advising on matters of public contracts, both on the behalf of customers and the contractors.

Galinski & Kleina Law Firm provide the following services:

  • advice on the selection of the tendering procedure;
  • preparation of terms of reference, contracts and public procurement notice;
  • preparation of tenders and questions to the contracting authority;
  • comprehensive service for contractors in the process of applying for public procurement;
  • representation of authorities and contractors before the National Board of Appeal.

Special Economic Zones

Business activity in Special Economic Zones provides a number of benefits for businesses, however, to be able to fully enjoy them it needs a specialist legal support.

Galinski & Kleina Law Firm provides professional legal advisory services for entities located in the Special Economic Zones, in particular by:

  • development of legal structures (SPV), taking into account regulations of economic zones;
  • advising investors about available tax preferences;
  • preparation of investment agreements;
  • representing investors in negotiations with local government units and other stakeholders involved in the investment process, including the Special Economic Zones;
  • representing investors in proceedings before the Minister of Economy on changes permits to operate in the Special Economic Zones.