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The amount of remuneration depends on the complicated of the case and the necessary effort. Each case is priced individually, and information about the remuneration is transferred to the Client prior to the start of cooperation.

We offer our Clients a flexible system for setting remuneration, comprising the following accounting systems:

  • lump sum remuneration: in advance fixed sum,
  • remuneration pay by the hour: in which the amount of compensation depends on the amount of time spent on case,
  • mixed remuneration: in which remuneration is fixed within the agreed monthly limit of working hours, and if it is exceeded – the remuneration is determined and billed by the hour.
  • the amount of the lump sum or hourly paying is dependent on the complicated of the case and the anticipated workload. In some cases it is possible to determine the success fee in the form of additional remuneration dependent on the outcome of the case.

Detailed information about remuneration – we can give by the telephone conversation or at the meeting.